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SharePoint users

iCapture is a powerful but affordable scanning solution from inFORM Decisions to your SharePoint document capture strategy. By implementing this solution, users can scan documents to SharePoint with copiers, fax machines, dedicated scanners, and network scanners, and receive image import from network folders, SharePoint WebDAV folders and OpenText RightFax fax servers.

Sage users

iCapture lets users to extract automatically data just by choosing invoices, purchase orders, contracts or any other documents to scan.

Thanks to its powerful document scanning engine, it allows you to capture invoice information and give the data to Sage Accounting.

In case users want to scan purchase orders and enter order information in Sage, iCapture is an advanced document capture product that enables to do these.

There is no doubt iCapture is really good for both SharePoint and Sage users.

To know other benefits of iCapture, visit link http://www.informdecisions.com/icapture/ or contact us 800.858.5544 today.
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