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Recognition…we all want it, even your documents; however, when it comes to your documents there are specific ways to manage, recognize and extract the data within the docs to best support your business.  If you view your documents as media holding data you want to convert to useful and searchable information, then let’s talk about how forms processing can advance your organization.

·       ICR Survey and Forms Processing.
o   Forms Processing Software uses ICR, OCR, and OMR technology to interpret hand printed text or scanned images, recognize machine printed text and read human created marks on a scanned page. 
o   Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) is a technology that provides the ability to convert hand printed text to machine text from an image.  ICR engines are typically housed in document capture software or are an extension to OCR. ICR takes advantage of various algorithms and executes a more complex task.
o   OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, is the process of taking a scanned image and converting the words into text. OCR Software Solutions can provide automated data extraction, as well as supply searchable content.                                                      
o    Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) gives us the means to decipher a scanned page. These recognition engines typically focus on the contrast between unmarked and marked areas on the document. OMR engines are usually part of an overall recognition engine that includes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR).

Typical start to finish process :
o   Forms are readied for scanning by riding it of staples, creases, etc.
o   Documents are scanned using a high speed document scanner.
o   Scanned forms are recognized with ICR.
o   Recognized characters are assigned a confidence value and validation rules are employed to poll for valid results.
o    “Low confidence” characters and fields that fail validation are presented to the verification operators for manual review and correction.
o   Data is exported to the desired destination.

Benefits of ICR Survey and Form Processing.
o    Creates efficiency, improve productivity and eliminate manual processes. A modern imaging and OCR solution will radically cut the processing time of a document. Paper shuffling is banished and focus shifts to the areas that create success in your business.
o   Collects shareable data. The scanning and extracting of data with OCR makes that same data quickly and efficiently available in many places and systems. Everything becomes searchable.
o   Automates any document scanning process. Document storage, security, and retention can all be automated. Document management becomes almost uncomplicated.
o   Creates a paperless office. Imaging is a solution to negate the environmental impact of factors associated with paper document management such as fuel/energy consumption tied to paper production, procurement, transportation, document storage, etc.
o   Significantly enhances document security and privacy. Electronic documents allow stringent control of access plus the ability to completely audit any access to documents.
o   Reduces error rates with validation rules.
o   Integrates paper, tablet and web forms data collection.
o   Facilitates remote data entry.
o   Reduces Costs. In addition to lessening the burden on employee resources, save money in multiple areas: printing, copying, consumables, maintenance for office equipment, the cost of lost documents, and shipping, etc.                                                                         
Who Can Benefit?
o   Organizations that compile information on paper-based forms, surveys or applications.  
o    Organizations who need to parse collected data according the specific needs of different departments.  
o    Anyone interested in eliminating the manual process to facilitate improved productivity.
o   Those who want document capture to forge better efficiency, logical standardization and simple integration, leave more time for getting the job done, and take away the pain of scanning.  

Make forms processing work for you.
o   Invoices, purchase orders, contracts and receipts are produced on a daily basis; the file cabinets keep growing.  Take charge of documents before they take over.
o   inForm Decisions provides one of the industry’s most powerful scanning and capture solutions, iCapture.  It was conceived to drive the paperless office.
o   iCapture was built from the ground up to be your document capture engine.  Some of the key features include:
§  Integration with TWAIN and ISIS scanning hardware.
§  Powerful OCR capabilities for creating searchable documents.
§  Data extraction through OCR for invoice processing.
§  Integration with 60+ document management systems.
§  iCapture Use Cases:
o   HR Document Capture
o   AP Invoice Scanning
o   Contract Data Extraction
o   PO Scanning and Capture
o   Admin Document Scanning
o   Copier Document Routing
o   And much, much more ….

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