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Going paperless can eliminate the need of paper, limit the risk of losing important data and let business information to be accessed anytime anywhere via a  web browser.

iWorkflow, a powerful solution from  inFORM Decisions (http://www.informdecisions.com/), really makes your paperless office dream come true when it can eliminate your existing paper-based, inefficient business process.

iWorkflow’s benefits

Easily create a repeatable and set standardized process 
Immediately create efficiency with digital business process
Immediately  improve productivity  with digital business process
Easily change or alter a process  with only pointing and clicking 
Let any business process be  automatically started based on an action or trigger
Easily map business processes
Let any process be viewed by managers

If your dream is a paperless office and you want to get rid of paper, contact inFORM Decisions at 800-858-5544 for a discovery call and competitive pricing or visit us online at http://www.informdecisions.com.
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