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With the latest IBM i OS V7R3, IBM continues to open up the path to using Open Source with the IBM i.  What does this mean to IBM i developers?  It means that with 7.3, the ability to not only continue to stay on the platform is realized, but the opportunity for continual and uninterrupted growth as well as keeping the platform relevant is here.

Modern RPG: no longer will RPG have an 80 column restriction, thus opening and leveraging fully free format RPG.  Furthermore, when combined with storing source in the IFS, you have the opportunity to use a number of source tools directly.

PHP:  with 7.3, IBM is shipping an updated version of PHP plus IBM supports the latest versions of PHP out of the box.

GIT:  with 7.3, you get GIT runtime on the IBM i -another option for open source.  Leverage GIT to control your RPG projects.

Tools: with 7.3, there are basic tools that every developer needs, starting with .zip and .unzip by simply putting on the PTF.

And Much More...

With V7R3, IBM i continues to transform itself, by re-inventing pieces to insure that our platform can be successful today and into the future.

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