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Does iDocs allow I use form designs I have from other forms design solutions?
Yes. By using iDocs, you can export forms from other forms design solutions such as MS Word, Excel, Adobe, and PDF into iMap to take over data mapping and other form definitions.
Does iDocs allows I to setup forms or reports to distribute to multiple targets?
Yes. iDocs enables to route forms and reports to email addresses, fax numbers, printer output queues, stored drives in PDF format, etc.
In iDocs, can we print to a color printer natively from our IBM iSeries AS/400 ?
Yes. iDocs allows us print forms in PCL or PDF natively with high quality and high speed without downloading to a PC server.
Does iDocs run natively on the IBM i - iSeries - AS/400 ?
Yes.  iDocs run on the IBM iSeries natively.
In iDocs how can I automatically start its merge forms merge engine?
Just access the system startup program or the job scheduler.

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