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The world has changed a lot  since the AS/400 was launched and you may have a question where IBM  will be in 2018, three decades after the AS/400 launch. In fact,  your concern will be answered when at IBM's recent Investor Briefing event for Wall Street analysts, IBM shows where it will be by 2018. The most important is that IBM is following its "strategic initiatives” to grow.

And in order to understand these strategic initiatives, I will list some main points mentioned in an article on itjungle.  They are these figures and forecasts that CEO Ginny Rometty and CFO Martin Schroeter indicated in his presentation at the Investor Briefing.

  • In 2015, IBM gained about $25 billion in revenues, representing  27% of its total revenues from the year, up from 13% in 2010.  
  • From 2010 through 2014, IBM's growth rates in the combined social, security, mobile,  big data, and cloud segments was increased. Thus, IBM is no doubt that running its business is right.
  • IBM will grow to be an about $100 billion company by 2018 when it says that it  can reach $40 billion in revenues  “strategic initiatives” in by 2018, comprising over 40 percent of  the company's revenues.
  • IBM’s software revenue stream accounts for 70 percent of its revenues per year.
  • The Power Systems business is concentrated on high-end Unix and Linux computing.

Source: ịtungle

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