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Are you looking for a solution for mapping print spool data to a form? Then, you have reached in the right place. iForms, a solution provided by inFORM Decisions with years of paperless experience is here to have minimal impact on your iSeries environment, and let forms printing solutions be deployed. 

iForms has the ability to convert iSeries native spool files into laser printer output for the IBM i. In other words, the iForms, iSeries Snap-on Laser form printing module attaches to the iDocsTMAdministrator to provide menus and business rules for defining dynamic, complex document printing operations on the IBM i.

Below are main benefits of iForms

· Lets users create their own professional and easy-to-manage business reports and forms 

· Reduces costs relating to paper such as document loading, storage, distribution, shipping, telephone, faxes, labor, and waste

· Saves IT staff time and effort due to streamlined installation and configuration

· Enables users to transfer the output format into authorized users instead of programmers

· Integrates with iDocs’ SmartRouter to easily define complex rules for bursting and processing spool files by individual page. Intelligently sorts, re-bundles and delivers spool content to individual targets for custom distribution via email, fax, print and/or web-based archive

· Works with all iSeries, System i and Power Server accounting/ERP solutions and software applications which generate a spool file in the iSeries, Power i

· lets users dynamically and automatically call different data mapping routines, overlays or routing instructions due to its powerful conditional options

· Auto-burst, sort and route options for a spool file in portions or in its entirety

Below are some unique features of iForms

· Runs native on the iSeries – System i – Power System, rendering performance lightening quick, secure and controllable

· Output can alternatively be routed to inFORM’s other distribution modules to email, fax or archive/retrieve, maximizing the investment in a total Document Management solution

· Professionally print forms or reports automatically to any output queues defined from the iSeries

· Easy-to-use graphical design of forms and reports

· Output queue or routing information can be retrieved from an existing data base or by scraping it from the processed spool file

· Output can be burst and sorted based on pre-defined conditions

· Automated rules engine provides capture, conversion and distribution to predefined and conditional recipient on a page-by-page basis

· Open-designer and split-screen graphical mapping of spool data to desired locations on the laser form 

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